Parasites and Pets

Pets in general are the victims of constant bombardment by parasites and worms. They are flanked by assaults due to their environment, food sources, and exposure to other pets. This untiring influence is a prime reason for disease and cutting their lives short. As pets age, parasites and worms not only grow in intensity, but populations continue to multiply day and night.

Parasites and worms harbor pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, and deadly toxins. As a result, parasites and worms are able to absorb or block the very nutrition pets need to sustain life. Due to their existence, they pump waste products into the vital areas of our pets. As the parasite and worm populations die, they flood the internals of our pets with pathogens and toxins which feed an explosion of new growth.

Parasites and worms cause a myriad of disease and unhealthy situations for our pets. Allergies, various skin conditions, joint pain, diabetes, metabolic disorders, and degradation of organ systems all have this common denominator. Parasites and worms have also been blamed on the spread of cancer.

Parasites and worms can cause a pet not to live to its potential and optimal capability. They can create poor behavioral patterns and depression. They can effect socializing capabilities and cause erratic behavior and the inability to assimilate within their own groups. They can also advance aging and rob a pet of its youthful exuberance.

The explosive growth capabilities of parasites and worms can cause metabolic exhaustion and many skin or fur conditions. When pets become overwhelmed, itching, constant scratching, and gnawing at joint sites can be signs of an ever increasing population problem. Take for example; the roundworm can produce up to 200,000 eggs per day. Some tapeworms can produce 1 million eggs per day. It is only a matter of time before parasites and worms are in control and create a downward spiral in our pet’s health.

Vital Infusion Labs produces VIP- Vital Infusion Pets as a solution to take control the parasite and worm populations within our pets. VIP plus normal regularly scheduled checkups with your Veterinarian can add years and quality of life.

For those serious about their health, we can help.

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