Jeff P

My name is Jeff and I have been a customer with Vital Infusion.  I was a very sick child until I was about 16 years old.  An allergist diagnosed me with a milder form of cystic fibrosis.  It affected my breathing and my overall ability to fight off viruses and colds.  However, after taking only just half of the series of formulas offered by Vital Infusion, it is like I don’t have hardly any health problems in comparison to before.  I breathe deeper, have more energy, and haven’t been sick for over a year.  The staff is nice and I highly recommend trying it.

Vinnie M.

I am writing to you so that other people may benefit from your formula. As you know I have a rare neurological disease known as PLS (primary lateral sclerosis). A rare degenerative motor neuron disease that was diagnosed in 2000. I started limping with a weak right leg and needed the use of a cane. As the disease progressed it went into my left leg and eventually in my left arm. I went from a cane to a walker and currently using a motorized wheel chair. Since taking your formula in December 2007, the degeneration appeared to have stopped The weakness and discomfort levels have not increased. As a matter of fact, they sometimes disappear and I am able to get out of bed unassisted. There is no known cure for this disease and with your help I believe that it is at least arrested. Hopefully as I continue with your formula, I will eventually be able to walk again. Perhaps others may benefit from your care. With much gratitude I remain sincerely yours.

Linda Z.

I am 60 year old woman with rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, heart conditions, and Reynaud’s disease.  I felt like my life was ending.  It seemed like the doctors gave up on me.  I started Vital Infusion formulations and I feel better than I have in at least 10 years or more.  I started to jog again and my joints aren’t painful anymore.  I feel alive again.

Judy Y.

I cannot adequately express my immense thanks and gratitude for Dr. Nick, The Formulas, and Vital Infusion and all they have done for me and subsequently for my family, friends, neighbors and everyone I encounter.

Lynn and Tiffany B.

I have been very blessed by Dr. Nicholas Kraetzer and the Vital Infusion formulas.  After my daughter used the formula and saw such quick results, I decided to give it a try.  I was impressed with Dr. Kraetzer's desire to see people well.  My journey to wellness with him has included learning about environmental pollutants and how they cause toxic buildup in our bodies. (I did not know that drinking coffee from a styrofoam cup would release glue and other pollutants into my body.) Step by step I have seen relief from perfumes that caused me to lose my voice; from burning feet caused by walking barefoot in the Mojave Desert allowing asphalt, paint and fuel to be absorbed into my system.   I am so excited to know that Dr. Kraetzer has not stopped just because it seemed like things were complete...he has done research to include those elements that are detrimental to us -- and gotten them out of our system; and to include those elements that are good for us -- and added them to our system.  Thanks Dr. Kraetzer for your dedication and hard work.

Jim B.

Having dealt with a variety of illnesses since I was a child (specifically, intestinal issues), I've been searching for a treatment that would help ease my pain and bleeding.  I succumbed to the advice of others and underwent four surgeries - all the while experiencing no improvement.  Soon after my hopeless "recovery" from various standard therapies, my good friend surprised me with a box of Vital Infusion's formulas - something I consider to be nothing less than a miracle.  After only the first few doses, I noticed an increase in energy, a drop in the amount of blood loss, and improvement with stomach pain.  I've now been taking the formulas for three months; The result being that my pain and bleeding have completely stopped - not to mention my vigor is phenomenal.  These products have given me a whole new life.  Thank you!

Mike L.

I have had lower back pain for about 10 years, I have tried different nutrition protocols and therapies but there was no relief. After using the parasitic wash my lower back pain was gone. I am truly grateful to Dr. Kraetzer for creating these wonderful formulas.

Robecca M

I have had colds and flus throughout my life. I was drawn to the parasitic wash because how comprehensive and complete it is. After doing the parasitic wash I have not been sick, my body handles it the way God intended it to.

Stephanie L.

In my late 20's, I started breaking out on my face. I tried everything from great nutrition detoxes to the top of the line facial products that did not help. I was so frustrated because I ate healthy and used great nutritional products. After learning about the parasitic wash and how comprehensive and complete it is I thought I would give it a shot. After completing the wash, I was amazed my how great my skin looked, no more breakouts, I feel great and I look younger. Now that's what I call a complete package that was unexpected.