Happy Tarr

Happy Tarr is an exclusive formulation using only natural ingredients and no preservatives. It contains Dead Sea minerals, Maca, Hydrangea, and a proprietary Homeopathic blend that activates and protects this magical balm.

Happy Tarr helps restore the negatively charged surface tissues that have been altered to positive due to trauma or an unhealthy situation. With Happy Tarr usage the electrical fields can become more balanced. A coating of the balm on a painful or effected will drive a layer of beneficial germanium deep into the tissues for added healing.


Directions- examples

Rub Happy Tarr into a painful or effected area and leave on.

Rub Happy Tarr onto feet and cover with socks the wash off the next morning.

Rub Happy Tarr into a joint.

Leave a coating of Happy Tarr on an area for added benefit.

Use Happy Tarr as a facial.

Place Happy Tarr on an effected and cover with gauze and let sit.

Sometimes the longer Happy Tarr is left on an area results in improved healing.

Happy Tarr washes off easy and could stain clothing.

Avoid getting Happy Tarr in the eyes or swallowing it. Avoid placement near open wounds.

There are many uses for Happy Tarr. Be creative and you might be surprised.


Happy Tarr is not intended to diagnose, cure, or heal any disease.

If a rash should occur discontinue use.